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Sunday, 25th April, 2004

Current Mood: hyper
Subject: :o

Hello! Remember me? :D I have returned from the dead. Or outer space. Or, erm... I've gotten off my lazy ass and opened LJ... :/

Just wanted to let you know that I have a new journal - elf_enchantress . I won't be using this one anymore. I've added you all as friends. So if you were wondering who that strange new person was that friended you... :D If you don't wanna friend me back, that's okay.

Anyways... Looking forward to catching up with you all again... *hugs*

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Monday, 12th April, 2004

Current Mood: anxious
Subject: SNA: Season 2

Starless Night Awards


Season 2 of the Starless Night Awards is now open. The awards have been redesigned and revamped. As requested, everything is now strictly readers' choice. The site is also on a new server (ie. no downtime) and everything is now fully automated, so there will be no waiting time.

Nominations are now being taken. Hope to see you at the site!

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Friday, 9th January, 2004

Current Mood: distressed
Subject: *eek*

OMFG! Shelob has taken up residence in our dining room!!!

Okay, so maybe not.

This spider is Shelob's bigger, older and meaner brother...

God only knows what a funnel web spider is doing in the house anyway.

Ewwwwwww. *shudder*

Sam! Help!

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Saturday, 3rd January, 2004

Current Mood: tired
Subject: =)

I finally watched the extended version of TTT. =) I like it a lot more than the original. Possibly because there's twice as much Merry & Pippin... >:) The ent draught scene, and the scene at the end are too cute. :D (And you can't tell me they weren't getting high on that "pipeweed"...) The scene with Boromir is good, too.

Want to see ROTK again now. No, I want to see the extended ROTK. (Another 11 months? *kim shoots herself*)

'Forever Young' is on TV at the moment. I didn't even know that was an Elijah movie until my Dad said, "Oh, look, there's Frodo!" :p He really doesn't look any different... hehe... (Like I can talk...) Is his name Felix? Or is that the other kid? One of them had truly cruel parents/script writers... :D

I haven't gotten very far with the Recommended Reads page for BB. I've been working on it for 2 days now. The problem is, to give everything a correct rating (some people really have no idea what ratings mean) I kinda have to read everything before I link it... :/ And it's an awful lot of reading. Which I don't mind. It just makes it a very slow process. :(

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Thursday, 1st January, 2004

Current Mood: accomplished
Subject: ...

I've finished coding stories. =) Well, okay, I cheated a bit. I only did one of Lady Sunrope's (short) stories. But the site won't re-open til next year if I try doing all of them now... :p Now I just have to fix up the 'reads' and the links sections.

My New Year's resolutions:

1. Lose weight
2. Exercise regularly
3. Write something every week
4. Save money for liposuction
5. Work harder at Uni
6. Join yoga classes (like I promised Tammy I would do six months ago)
7. Update my sites regularly

I think I will accomplish... none of those. I don't know why I bother making them in the first place... :D

I hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve. (Are you sober again yet??? hehe...)

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Subject: <|:)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!</center>

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Tuesday, 30th December, 2003

Current Mood: happy
Subject: =)

I saw my puppy today!!! She's so beautiful. =) She's 4 weeks old tomorrow, and she's still small enough to fit in the palm of my hand. She's just a tiny ball of white fluff. She was very tired and kept yawning, and every time she'd yawn she was making these cute lil noises. hee! And she was licking my One Ring... >:) I wanted to take her home with me. But I can't have her for another 3 weeks. *sigh* I took some photos. Shall post them when I get them developed. :)

Still not sure about her name. I'm deciding between Sammie and Ellie. :/

Sunday night I went to the LOTR marathon with Tammy & Roxanne. Please, remind me to never do that again. By the time it finished, I felt so sick. And I'm still tired and have a headache. :(

We went about an hour early and there was already a heap of people there. So we ended up getting seats in the second back row. >:( The kids sitting behind us talked right through the second movie, even though about 10 people told them to shut the hell up. And the girl behind me was kicking my chair the entire time. >:( I was ready to kill someone by the end.

FOTR was very cool on the big screen. :) By the time ROTK came on, half the movie theatre was asleep. :D And there was these annoying people who kept cheering and clapping every time something good happened. *rolls eyes*

Tammy almost shit herself during the Shelob scene. hehe... I don't like spiders, but I didn't find her scary. Just gross.

There was a group of kids who went dressed up. It was a bit sad really. There's nothing wrong with dressing up. But if you're gonna do it, you could at least do it properly. Legolas was wearing a potato sack (really!) over a pair of cargo pants. And his wig wasn't on straight, so you could see half his actual, dark hair. The "hobbits" (well, I presume that's what they were) had table cloths and bedsheets for capes. And Gimli had red hair and a brown beard. :/ The girls didn't look too bad, and Gandalf looked somewhat realistic, and Frodo had an actual ring. But other than that, they just looked like idiots.

And they showed the preview for 'Troy'. Want to see that.

Going to go back to stylesheeting stories now. I fully intend to re-open BB by the weekend. I think. I hope. Maybe. :/


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Friday, 26th December, 2003

Current Mood: aggravated
Subject: World Idol

I just watched World Idol... If those are the "best 11 singers in the world", the world is in a lot of trouble. A few of them weren't completely horrendous, but most of them were. I certainly wouldn't be wasting money voting for any of them. Bleh. I've no doubt Kelly Clarkson will win anyway.

And Ant and Dec... *dies laughing* Are they actually supposed to be cool? :D They actually remind me a bit of Dom and Billy. But that's just insulting to Dom and Billy, so we'll forget I said that. ;)

In other news... Gandalf has eaten Sauron. Doh! (They're my Angelfish.) Gandalf is a nasty bastard. And Gothmog, my fighter fish, died last week. He was a nasty bastard, too. I got 3 Mollies to replace him, and I've named them Morwen (black one), Nienor (orange one) and Turin (silver one). I'm getting another one (silver and black) tomorrow which I'm going to call Hurin. :D And there's now only 3 fish left in my big tank, so I have to get something new to go in there. Maybe I should buy a shark... That would be cool. (Let's see Gandalf do battle with a shark...)

I'll stop rambling now. :D

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Current Mood: ecstatic
Subject: *squee*

I just got back from the movies. Eeeeeeeee! It was absolutely bloody brilliant!!! I couldn't find a single thing to complain about (!) and PJ is more than forgiven for the Faramir incident in TTT.

I went with my Nana, cause Tammy had to work. My Nana really enjoyed it, too. :) We went about an hour and a half early, and there was already about 40 people in the line. But we got seats in the back row, almost in the middle, so I was very happy. And I didn't have to leave to go pee. :D

My thoughts on the movie... Cut for those who haven't seen it yet.Collapse )

Overall, I give it 110 out of 10. :) Now I want a sequel!!! (They could make one up!)

Sunday night they're doing a LOTR movie marathon. *squee* I'm going with Tammy and Roxanne. Finally, I get to see FOTR on the big screen! :) It starts at 9pm Sunday night and goes to 6.30 Monday morning. hee! 9 and a half hours of LOTR!!! I might sleep through TTT... (I still don't like it much.) My parents were horrified that I wanted to see ROTK again in 2 days time. hehe... The more times the better, right? :D

Christmas was pretty cool. Santa was very good to me this year. :) I got just about everything I asked for. :o My coolest pressies were the TTT extended DVD set, LOTR Monopoly and an Evenstar necklace. :) (Yes, I know I hate Arwen. But the Evenstar is very pretty.) I also got books, bath stuff, an oil burner, earrings and the Eowyn action figure.

We didn't do anything much. My grandparents came over for a while, and my aunt and uncle. My cousins, Jared and Mitchell, are such little shits. (They're 11 and 9.) *smacks them around* They do, however, like LOTR. They wanted to play Monopoly. But there was no way I was letting them touch it. I can just see what they woulda done to it. *glares*

And my puppy is nearly 4 weeks old! I can go see her next weekend. :) I think I'm gonna name her Sammie. I'll have to see if it suits her first, though.

Anyways... I think that's about all for today. I'm in such a good mood I might actually finish coding stories tonight. hehe... And I can now start reading journals again, too. :)

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Tuesday, 23rd December, 2003

Current Mood: hot
Subject: ...

I know I love summer and all, but today has just been ridiculously hot. :( I'm just about to melt, I think. And even the pool isn't helping. Our pool is solar heated, and the heater was on til about 1pm today. And now our pool is like one gigantic bath. It's horrible. So I went and did the grocery shopping with Mum, just to get in the air conditioning. hehe... :p

I don't think my SeanLijah story will be ready for Christmas. I kinda deleted half of it, so... :/ Oh well.

I have made considerable progress on the BB update though. :) I think I've coded about 30 stories. And I have about another 30 still to do.

3 more days!!!

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Friday, 19th December, 2003

Current Mood: amused
Subject: Hee!

There is a turtle in our swimming pool! Which is exceptionally odd, because there is nowhere around here that a turtle could have come from. (He's not a pet turtle!) So someone, and God only knows who, has had to have put him there. :/ He was stuck in the filter box, but I pushed him out of there. He's now sitting on the bottom. You'd think the chlorine would kill him.

If he was a tiny turtle, I coulda fished him out and kept him in my empty fish tank. But he's actually quite large. Dad is gonna take him for a drive and find a creek when he comes home from work.

Do turtles bite?

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Thursday, 18th December, 2003

Current Mood: tired
Subject: =)

I got my ROTK tickets today. :) The first 2 sessions had sold out already. Bastards. I shoulda got them last week, but nooo. I had to wait until Tammy found out her work roster. She still hasn't found out, but I bought the tickets anyway. If she can't go, my Dad or my Nana will go with me. Of course, I then won't be able to say, "Isn't Merry hot!" every time he comes on the screen. On the other hand, I wouldn't have Tammy smacking me and telling me to stop drooling every time he comes on the screen... :D Oh well.

Only 8 more days!!! =)

I won't be reading journals between now and then. Because everyone who lives overseas will have already seen it, and I don't want to know everything that happens in it. *kills New Line executives for making us poor Aussies wait an extra 9 days*

But... Can someone tell me... Is Arwen on the Pelenor Fields? If you tell me now, I'll punch a hole in the wall and get over it. Rather than finding out in the movie theatre and strangling the poor innocent person sitting in front of me... >:) I don't want to know specifics. Just a 'yes' or 'no', is she there?

*starts plotting the death of PJ, just in case she is...*

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Wednesday, 17th December, 2003

Current Mood: sore
Subject: Owwwwww

I think I broke my neck. :( I must have slept on an odd angle last night, because I cannot move my head. At all. If I do, I just about pass out from pain. *cuts off head* Mum is gonna make me go to the chiropracter tomorrow. *hides* They're torturous bastards.

So I spent most of today lying in bed with a hot pack on my neck. That's lots of fun when it's five zillion degrees outside. :/ I tried washing my hair earlier. That almost killed me. hehe... No, really. It did. Mum had to dry my hair, cause I couldn't. :(

Last night we put up our Christmas tree, and I was bitten by an annoying little SeanLijah-shaped bunny. So I wrote the story, just to keep it happy. But then I re-read it and it was absolute garbage. *sigh* I don't think I was destined to be a slash writer. LOL!

Shall go back to coding now... Night!

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Sunday, 14th December, 2003

Current Mood: busy
Subject: *sniff*

During Survivor tonight, they showed the ROTK ad about 50 times. Which would be a good thing, except everytime I see the bit where Sam is standing in Sammath Naur and screaming, "Nooooooooo!" I want to cry. =(

I was gonna get my tickets today, but Tammy doesn't know yet when she has to work. :( Hope they don't sell out before she finds out. Might have to go by myself. :p

Have finished moving BB. :) Now I just have to do the actual updating. :/ Will be off to do that now...

Mental note to self: Do not start reading stories. You are meant to be CODING not READING.

was (sort of) here @ 9:47 pm

Current Mood: aggravated
Subject: God save me!

My Mum did her Christmas shopping today, and she bought this absolutely horrid Christmas carols CD, which she is now playing at top volume. There's no escape! *cuts off ears*

was (sort of) here @ 4:50 pm

Current Mood: accomplished
Subject: ...

I've had a productive day! I finished the new BB layout. I got my CGI account setup and, after much swearing and tantrum throwing, got the form processing code working (*kicks evil form code*). And I've reformated and uploaded about two thirds of all the stories. (Only about 80 more to go... *sigh*)

I will hopefully get the rest of the site finished tomorrow morning. Then I can start working on the new stuff. :/ *looks at list of stories that need stylesheeting* *hides*

I dragged my lazy bum away from the computer for a while! But only because my brother wanted to use it, and I was feeling generous enough to get off... >:)

I made fudge. Well, I tried to. I did exactly what the recipe said, but it ended up burnt and yucky and I had to pitch it out. >:( I shoulda saved the time and mess and just eaten the tin of condensed milk. *pointedly ignores waistline*

I also, finally, got around to finding all the premiere pictures today. I think Dom's scruffy-i-don't-give-a-damn-what-i-look-like look is starting to grow on me... I'm not sure if that should disturb me or not. hehe...

Going to bed now. Night!

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Friday, 12th December, 2003

Current Mood: amused
Subject: Is it just me...

or is Dom perving on Orli's chest in this pic???

Not that I'd blame him...

was (sort of) here @ 4:46 pm

Current Mood: pissed off
Subject: Fuck it!

I just discovered there was a 'Making Of ROTK' shown here on Wednesday. *cries* Why was it not listed in my TV guide??? >:(

was (sort of) here @ 3:46 pm

Current Mood: ecstatic
Subject: =)

My domain is up!!! Yay!!! :)

Now I just have to work out what the hell I'm gonna put on it. hehe... *smacks self*

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Thursday, 11th December, 2003

Subject: Haven't done one of these for ages...

Which LOTR man were you stalking? by LadyBella
Name (user or otherwise):
Who you were stalking:Dominic Monaghan
Purpose:Hey, it�s a hobby!
Result:E-Bay will never be the same...
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

And I didn't even cheat!! :D

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